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Announcement on the Cleaner Production Audit of Zhejiang Baichuan Conductor Technology Co.. Ltd.

Time:2021-02-01     【Original】   Read

Zhejiang Baichuan Conductor Technology Co.. Ltd. carried out the first round of cleaner production audits in 2012, and finally formed a cleaner production report and adopted a cleaner production plan. In June 2013, it obtained the approval of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Environmental Protection (Gan Huan Fang Fang (2013) 28th). Jiangxi Baichuan finally screened and determined a total of 20 cleaner production plans during this round of cleaner production audits, of which 17 were clean production plans without low cost, all of which were effectively implemented, with an implementation rate of 100%; medium and high cost plans that can be implemented 3, 3 have been implemented so far, and the implementation rate of the medium and high fee scheme is 100%.


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