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  • Copper Cladded/Plated Wires

    Copper Cladded/Plated Wires

    A new type of bimetal materials that uses a steel core and plates/clads the copper layer evenly and continuously on the steel core.

    The material combines Copper’s conductivity and steel’s strength, making it a great replacement for Copper wires.

  • Tin Plated Wires

    Tin Plated Wires

    Formed by electroplating or hot-dip tinning on Copper clad steel wires. The product endows the advantages of Copper clad steel, along with the thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and weldability of Tin.

    The composite also has much greater anti-vibration property comparing to pure Copper wires (3x-6x).

  • Silver Plated Wires

    Silver Plated Wires

    Manufactured through plating a silver layer on the surface of copper wires or Copper clad steel wires. They carry silver’s corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidative stability.

  • Zinc Plated Wires

    Zinc Plated Wires

    Our Zinc plated steel wire uses high quality median carbon steel as core, with a Zinc layer formed by electro-deposition.

    With a stable and even plated layer that has a strong bind force, the product carries high tensile strength, elongation, and strong anti-oxidation ability.

  • Stranded Wires

    Stranded Wires

    Stranded Wires are made from a certain amount of single wire through stranding, offering much more flexibility over the rigid solid conductor that can break easily if flexed many times.

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