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Copper Clad Steel wire

Copper Clad Steel Wire (CCS) is a new type of bimetal composite material formed through electroplating method (taking steel wire as the core and plating the copper layer evenly on the surface of the steel core) and cladding method (cladding copper stripe evenly and continuously on the outer surface of the steel core). We produce all kinds specifications CCS, diameter:Φ0.079—20 mm; the electrical conductivity is from 15% to 60%; tensile strength according to the customer request to choose low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel and other high-quality steel production. Further processing can be carried out on CCS, which includes tin plated, silver plated, lacquer, and stranding, nail making, bright - annealing braiding. etc.
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●Inner conductor of CATV drop wire铜包钢线.png

●Trolly wire for rail lines

●Inner conductor of telephone drop wire

●Shield wire for power cable

●Inner conductor of computer LAN cable, field wire

●Ground wire for power industry

●Conductor of various electronic components

●Strengthening bar for automobile tires

●Trolly wire for power transmission and telephone circuit

●Gun nails, sealing nail and various kinds of stationery staplers

CCS used in CATV Incoming Line ( ASTMB869 )

CATV引入线用铜包钢线CCS used in CATV Incoming Line ( ASTMB869 ).jpg

Note: Approximate electric conductivity of wires are 21%.

CCS used in Electronic Products ( ASTMB452 )


Hard CCS ( ASTMB227 )