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About Environmental Monitoring Information Disclosure of Zhejiang Baichuan Conductor Technology Co.. Ltd.

Time:2021-01-27     【Original】   Read

The Pujiang County Environmental Monitoring Station conducted a routine annual monitoring of our company’s wastewater and noise emissions on June 18, 2013. All points were taken simultaneously during sampling. The monitoring results showed that the company’s wastewater monitoring factor PH value, suspended solids, The chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, copper, and petroleum concentration all meet the requirements of the three-level standard limit in "Table 4" of GB8978-1996 "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard"; ammonia nitrogen meets the table of CJ343-2010 "Sewage Discharged into Urban Sewer Water Quality Standard" 1. B grade standard limit requirements. The monitoring values of noise at the plant boundary (day and night) at day and night meet the requirements of category 3 standards in the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard at Industrial Enterprise Plant Boundary" (GB12348-2008).

In the production process, the company has always attached great importance to environmental protection, increased investment in environmental protection, adopted a number of measures to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, bravely assumed social responsibilities, and promoted the green development of the company. For roads, the company's annual environmental monitoring reports for many years have been passed smoothly.

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