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Congratulations on the successful listing of the new third edition of "Baichuan Conductor"

On August 24, the company solemnly held a bell-ring and listing ceremony in the national SME share transfer system, becoming the first company in Pujiang County to be listed on the New Third Edition, opening a new chapter in the company's docking of the multi-level capital market. Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor Cheng Tianyun, Deputy County Mayor Wei Zhongpu, Director of the Pujiang Economic Development Zone Management Committee Chen Rongsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Hengfeng County Party Committee Ke Weisong, and the heads of 9 listed companies in the county, the companies Zhang Rongliang, Zhang Hongxiang, Zhang Fengjun Three senior executives participated in the listing ceremony.

The National Equity Exchange System for SMEs (commonly known as the "New Third Edition") is a national securities trading venue approved by the State Council. The establishment of the National Equity Exchange System for SMEs is an important measure to accelerate the development of my country’s multi-level capital market. Under the leadership of SMEs, we will continue to improve the financial environment for SMEs, vigorously promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and actively promote the healthy, stable and sustainable development of my country’s OTC market.

At the listing ceremony, Cheng Tianyun, on behalf of the county party committee and the county government, expressed warm congratulations on the company's listing on the New Third Board. He pointed out that the successful listing of Baichuan Company on the New Third Board was driven by technological innovation and the wings of financial soaring. Baichuan Company made full use of the capital market to be the first to be listed on the national SME share transfer system to connect enterprises in our county. The multi-level capital market has set up a good model, which is a good start for more Pujiang enterprises to enter the capital market.

Mr. Zhang Rongliang, the chairman and general manager of the company, gave a enthusiastic speech at the listing ceremony, showing five aspects from industry advantages, innovative advantages, excellent management and technical teams, follow-up development prospects, and government care and support. Improve the company’s strength and confidence in future development.

Stock name: Baichuan Conductor, stock code: 832852