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About JiangXi BaiChuan Electrical conductor Co., Ltd. Environmental Monitoring Information Disclosure

The Shangrao Environmental Protection Monitoring Station conducted a routine annual monitoring of our company’s waste gas, waste water, and noise emissions on August 16, 2013. All points were sampled simultaneously. The monitoring results showed that the company’s waste gas: hydrogen cyanide, Hydrogen chloride, sulfuric acid mist; unorganized waste gas: hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen chloride meet the requirements of the national "Emission Standard of Electroplating Pollutants" GB21900-2008, and meet the emission standards. The PH value of the company’s wastewater, chemical oxygen demand, cyanide, ammonia nitrogen, suspended solids, petroleum, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, copper, and flow are in compliance with the "Emission Standard for Electroplating Pollutants" GB21900-2008, and the noise monitoring values at the company's boundary are in compliance. The standard in the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard at the Boundary of Industrial Enterprises" (GB12348-2008) meets the emission standards.

In the production process, the company has always attached great importance to environmental protection, increased investment in environmental protection, adopted a number of measures to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, bravely assumed social responsibilities, and promoted the green development of the company. For roads, the company's annual environmental monitoring reports for many years have been passed smoothly.

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