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  • Production Power

    Production Power

    Our factories are capable of

    producing over 30,000 tons

    of product yearly.

  • Global Operation

    Global Operation

    Our facilities are located

    in Asia, North America

    and South America.

  • Cost


    The leading production technologies,developed management system and over decades of experience guaranteed us the most competitive cost the in industry.

  • Quality


    We are the proven supplier for the top companies in the industry. Our quality management system complies with ISO standards.

  • Innovation


    Our R&D team strives to create new technologies that improves our efficiency and quality.Our company has over 50 national patents. We are the customers’best choice of developing new products.

Zhejiang Baichuan Conductor Technology Co.. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BaiChuan Conductor, StockCode: 832852) was established in 1997. It is located in the economic development zone in Pujiang, Zhejiang Province,a city known as the home of crystal, painting and calligraphy, and covers over 1.83 million square foot. BaiChuan Conductor has now over 500 staff and its registered capital reaches 67.5 million. We are the dominant supplier of industry-leading tele-com companies.

Company Profile

Widely used in communication cable, radio frequency cable, intelligent wiring, electronic components lead, HDMI cable, enameled wire, filter screen, wire protection, lightning protection grounding and other fields.

Application Field
Communication field

Under the premise of saving resources and ensuring the quality of current transmission, the metal composite wire integrates and utilizes the physical characteristics of steel, aluminum and other core wires of low cost, light weight, and strong tensile strength, as well as the high conductivity of the outer layer of copper. Comprehensive utilization of resources.


Composite materials have the characteristics of light weight, higher specific strength, specific modulus, better ductility, corrosion resistance, heat conduction, heat insulation, sound insulation, vibration reduction, high (low) temperature resistance, ablation resistance, electromagnetic wave penetration, etc. It is an ideal material for manufacturing aircraft, rockets, aerospace vehicles and other military weapons.

Aerospace industry
Power cable field

In the field of high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage, and ultra-high-voltage power cables, steel core aluminum stranded wire is generally used as the main conductor at present.

Electronics field

The field of electronic appliances is also one of the most common fields where metal composite wires are widely used. The application range of metal composite wire in this field is mainly: electric motors, refrigeration compressors, and various transformers in household appliances as electromagnetic wires; connecting wires and pin wires of electronic components.

Construction sector

Metal composite wires are mainly used in grounding wires, tracer wires, blasting wires, etc. in the field of construction.

Traffic field

Metal composite wires are mainly used in the field of transportation for electric railway contact wires and signal cables, shielded wires, automobile electrical connection wires and other fields.

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